BARLEY GRASS (Hordeum Vulgare)
The Only Vegetation on Earth That can Supply NUTRITIONAL Support from birth to old Age.
Recognized by Science as the most Nutritious of all plant foods, containing a broad spectrum of essential VITAMINS, MINERALS, AMINO ACIDS, ENZYMES PLUS CHLOROPHYLL, PHYTONUTRIENTS and PHYTOCHEMICALS that our bodies require for the proper Functioning of ORGANS and IMMUNE SYSTEM.
BARLEY GRASS has a 25,000 ORAC VALUE or antioxydant value.
DEUTERONOMY 8;7-9 for the LORD GOD is bringing you into a good land.....a land full of Wheat and BARLEY, milk and honey in which you will lack nothing......
JOHN 6;1-14- FEEDING of the 5,000 people"with two fish and five BARLEY LOAVES......
BARLEY........Mentioned in the Bible 37 times.

Toned in Ten

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Cheers for the best healthy drink!

Antioxidant power: Barley grass has an impressive antioxidant wealth. Along with vitamin E and beta carotene, barley grass is the most potent supplier of healthy and critical enzyme superoxide dismutase which helps neutralize the effects of oxygen free radicals which are produced during energy metabolism. The protective act of these valuable radical scavengers prevents the development of a wide array of diseases caused by oxidative stress.#HEALTHYCHOICE #WorthtoBuy

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